What is binge drinking and how to stop

A new study released by the University of Western Sydney suggests a worrying rise in high risk alcohol intake by women aged 35 – 59 years old. This supports a trend that we have seen at Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic over the past few years. Ten years ago it was rare for women in this age group to present concerned about their drinking habits yet today this is probably about 30% of our work. This is why we developed the highly successful Taking Control program which helps people restore balance to their alcohol consumption.

Over the past few years the pressures and stresses on professional women trying to balance the responsibilities or work, relationships and What is binge drinking and how to stop stop dinking Brisbane family have increased dramatically with many professional women never leaving work because of smartphones and tablets. Contrary to popular thinking, drinking alcohol does not make you happy.

The major trigger for binge drinking or high risk drinking is anxiety about the ability to cope with competing responsibilities. The study quotes, “It just kept getting harder and harder to stay in everyday life with the amount of stress they were under without using alcohol”. High risk drinking also increases the risk of breast cancer and dementia.

If you feel that your alcohol consumption is getting out of control, for example of you drink everyday or drink alone, contact us at Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic – New Farm. The Taking Control program may be exactly what you are looking for and will help curb feelings of anxiety as well as getting you back in control. Call us on 07 3254 1373 or fill in the form below and being to get your life back on track.

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