Hypnosis for the fear of flying

Flying anxiety and claustrophobia fear of flying

In our clinical work it sometimes seems that the work we are asked to do comes in ‘batches’, for example we might not see a client who has flying anxiety and then we see five in a week. I’m not sure why this happens, perhaps a particular topic is the subject of a TV show or a newspaper article. The last couple of weeks has been a bit like this, we usually see on or two people a week who suffer flying phobia but lately it seems that there has been an increase in clients seeking help in this area.

Surveys suggest that between that in Australia between 35 and 45% of the population are uncomfortable with flying at some level. This can range from feeling anxious about flying to having severe anxiety or panic attacks when faced with having to board a plane. In an age where most Australians need to fly for business or pleasure, this make the fear of flying one of the most common phobias.

Even though consciously this anxiety may seem irrational to us, our subconscious mind can create feelings of anxiety because it thinks that it is protecting us which is one of it’s main functions. As flying is not natural human behaviour the reaction of the subconscious is quite logical. However statistically flying is know to be by far the safest method of travel, far safer that for example driving a car or crossing a road which we all do almost every day without giving the danger a second thought.

Hypnosis for the fear of flying
Re-evaluating the reaction of the subconscious is the first step to successfully overcoming the fear of flying and hypnotherapy is a proven was of achieving this. At New Farm Hypnotherapy Clinic we have helped many hundreds of clients regain their confidence and enjoy flying and travelling.

A recent client emailed us after her sessions and a flight saying:

I am just writing to say thank you thank you thank you!!! I survived my flight to FIJI and back (into a cyclone no less!) without one single white knuckle moment!! You can’t begin to imagine how awesome that feels!! Thank you so very much!! I only wish I’d been to see you sooner!!!

At New Farm Hypnotherapy we have a team of experienced and dedicated therapists who will help you overcome the fear of flying giving you the freedom and confidence to successfully get on with life.

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