Hypnosis for flying phobia : overcome the fear of flying


Fear of flying is very common and affects around 1 in 5 people. You may have always been anxious about flying or, as in some cases, you might have developed a fear of flying for what seems to be no good reason. Flying phobias generally revolve around a fear of confined spaces, the lack of control experienced during flights or the overwhelming feeling that something disastrous is going to happen.

No matter how you experience flying or how strong your phobia may be, you can overcome flying phobia permanently using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy. We have been using these techniques to help people fly comfortably and without anxiety for more than 15 years and have successfully treated hundreds of clients over that time.

Overcoming flying phobias is not permanently achieved by managing fear or anxiety because by doing this you are simply telling yourself that the ‘bad feeling’ is there and may take over at any time. A more successful and easier way of overcoming the fear of flying is to remove the fear and anxiety altogether by using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy. Both of these techniques involve using the resources you already have, and use to overcome anxiety in all sorts of other situations. This will help you change your thoughts at both the conscious and unconscious levels. We work with each client as an individual because no two people experience anxiety in the same way, and by the time you’ve finished the program you’ll be able to travel comfortably and without anxiety.

What our clients say…

Hi Antoine,
Wondering if you can pass on to Glen that I have been fine flying. He and my excellent personal work myself!!! has changed the way I deal with fear. I am, I would say 99% better with flying… it has been a great comfort to me and when I start to feel panicky I can pop myself into a nice trance and cope. I say great things about your practice.

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