New Year Resolutions COVID 19

How to keep New Year resolutions in COVID times

Almost everyone I spoke to before the holidays said that they couldn’t wait for the end of 2020 and the start of 2021. It’s safe to say that most people won’t be sad to leave 2020 behind.

2020 was a challenging and difficult year for all of us and the turn of a new year holds symbolism for us. January 1st marks the end of a segment of time and the promise of something new, something better. A new year is the opportunity for a fresh start.


New Year Resolutions COVID

Our promises to ourselves are usually pretty predictable. The most common being to lose weight, quit smoking, drink less or perhaps get fitter or become more productive. The outcome is usually as predictable as the promise, statistics show that by the end of February our resolutions have been lost in time.

Somehow, this year is different. The pandemic has given us a new perspective about what’s really important and meaningful. The last year has reinforced the importance of relationships and connections with family and friends. It has also reinvigorated a sense of local community as we have had less opportunity to travel with many working from home. We’ve come to realise that having or getting ‘stuff’ isn’t quite so important as appreciating our health, home, family, and time together.

Reflecting on these changes, it’s probably a good idea to rethink some of the traditional resolutions or promises we make to ourselves at this time of year. Given all the stress and challenges of 2020, perhaps a better way to approach and live in 2021 is with kindness and compassion toward ourselves as well as others.


What does that actually look like in practice?

Firstly, by looking after yourself.
Rather than using food or substances for comfort or to reduce anxiety, look for healthier ways to cope. This could include restful sleep, healthy eating, drinking less and making space for calm, quiet times to breathe, self-reflect, and meditate.

Secondly, by looking after others.
Everyone has been left stressed and anxious by the last year’s events and the pandemic has left us with a growing appreciation of the importance of community. We all have occasion to help others and strengthen our community, a new year is an opportunity recognise these and to start looking out for each other.

Unlike many New Year resolutions, these are simple, easy to keep and will give a sense of purpose to 2021.

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