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Overcoming The Fear of Flying

Flying anxiety and claustrophobiafear of flying

In our clinical work it sometimes seems that the work we are asked to do comes in ‘batches’, for example we might not see a client who has flying anxiety and then we see five in a week. I’m not sure why this happens, perhaps a particular topic is the subject of a TV show or a newspaper article. The last couple of weeks has been a bit like this, we usually see on or two people a week who suffer flying phobia but lately it seems that there has been an increase in clients seeking help in this area.

Surveys suggest that between that in Australia between 35 and 45% of the population are uncomfortable with flying at some level. This can range from feeling anxious about flying to having severe anxiety or panic attacks when faced with having to board a plane. In an age where most Australians need to fly for business or pleasure, this make the fear of flying one of the most common phobias.

Even though consciously this anxiety may seem irrational to us, our subconscious mind can create feelings of anxiety because it thinks that it is protecting us which is one of it’s main functions. As flying is not natural human behaviour the reaction of the subconscious is quite logical. However statistically flying is know to be by far the safest method of travel, far safer that for example driving a car or crossing a road which we all do almost every day without giving the danger a second thought.

Re-evaluating the reaction of the subconscious is the first step to successfully overcoming the fear of flying and hypnotherapy is a proven was of achieving this. At New Farm Hypnotherapy Clinic we have helped many hundreds of clients regain their confidence and enjoy flying and travelling.

A recent client emailed us after her sessions and a flight saying:

I am just writing to say thank you thank you thank you!!! I survived my flight to FIJI and back (into a cyclone no less!) without one single white knuckle moment!! You can’t begin to imagine how awesome that feels!! Thank you so very much!! I only wish I’d been to see you sooner!!!

At New Farm Hypnotherapy we have a team of experienced and dedicated therapists who will help you overcome the fear of flying giving you the freedom and confidence to successfully get on with life.

If you’re ready for change, call us on 07 3254 1373 or email us and one of our therapists will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Test Anxiety and Hypnosis

Most of us assume that once you’re finished with school and then perhaps university, tests and exams stop. These days, nothing could be further from the truth and most adults at some point in their lives will have to undertake further study that will inevitably involve tests, exams and assignments.

Test anxiety and hypnotherapy

In order to do as well as we can in the important tests and exams we’l face through our working and professional lives it’s important to do everything you can to prepare yourself well. Here are a few helpful tips. [Read more…]

High Risk and Binge Drinking

A new study released by the University of Western Sydney suggests a worrying rise in high risk alcohol intake by women aged 35 – 59 years old. This supports a trend that we have seen at Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic over the past few years. Ten years ago it was rare for women in this age group to present concerned about their drinking habits yet today this is probably about 30% of our work. This is why we developed the highly successful Taking Control program which helps people restore balance to their alcohol consumption. [Read more…]

Anxiety Insomnia and Hypnosis

It’s 2:05am and yes, Hypnotherapists occasionally suffer insomnia. To be honest not sleeping isn’t something that usually troubles me, but I thought instead of using one of the many techniques I teach my clients to get back to sleep I’d spend a few minutes doing something more useful, and that’s to discuss why we all sometimes suffer insomnia…

One of the most common causes of insomnia, particularly waking in the night and being unable to get back to sleep is simply that we have something on our mind that’s causing a level of anxiety that’s stopping us from stilling the mind allowing restful sleep.

In my case today it is a visit to my oncologist tomorrow morning that’s causing anxiety and like so many anxieties it’s easy to imagine the worst, particularly in the early hours of the morning. So the culprit in this case is anxiety, these are generally unfounded worries that trouble the subconscious mind. They interfere with our regular sleep patterns and often wake us at inconvenient times.

[Read more…]

How many visits to a hypnotherapist do I need ?

How many visits?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked as a therapist and it is almost impossible to answer, but sometimes the mind works in powerful ways. Today I received  a call from a client who came to the clinic for a single session to help manage some quite serious anxiety.He was calling to cancel or at least postpone the two subsequent appointments he’d made. Why? He told me that his 90 minutes session has made him feel so much in control again that his anxiety had almost completely dissipated.

For once I was pleased that a client cancelled as session! The subconscious mind has powerful ways of working when we allow ourselves to access its potential. To be fair, one session in the exception rather than the rule, I generally recommend that clients come and see us three or four times over a period of a month or five weeks, this gives time for change to happen at a gentle and manageable pace. Obviously everyone is different, but if you suffer from anxiety, phobia or panic attacks, give us a call at New Farm Hypnotherapy Clinic and see how your subconscious mind can help you make the changes you want. You might even surprise yourself.

hypnotherapy for Generalised Anxiety DisorderWe live in a constantly changing, fast paced world, and balancing the pressures of work, home and relationships can make us all feel stressed out from time to time. After all, life can be stressful, and this is part of the normal human experience. What isn’t normal is having worry or anxiety that never really seems to go away or a feeling of panic with regard to ordinary daily experiences.

When people suffer extreme states of stress, fear, or panic over an extended period of time they experience  Generalised Anxiety Disorder, or GAD. Generalised anxiety disorder is characterised by the pattern of thought that make us catastophize situations and always think the worst. For example, thinking that a racing thought mean that you’re losing your mind, or that if you make a mistake at work you’ll lose your job, then you won’t be able to pay your bills and things will go from bad to worse. For many people, this type of negative, catastrophic thinking is deeply ingrained, and inescapable.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder can make life extremely difficult, because the worries that plague people actually stop people doing the normal things in life which then leads to more stress and a viscious cycle it’s difficult to break out of. with peoples’ attempts to meet their daily obligations, which, of course, leads to even more stress.

Many people use medication to reduce their stress however some anti-anxiety medications have unwanted side effects such as drowsiness or reducing a person’s ability to concentrate. This type of medication can also be habit forming.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder can be treated without the use of drugs, and recent studies show that hypnotherapy can be successfully used to treat feelings of anxiety and panic. Hypnosis works by getting to the root of stress and by helping you to break out of negative mindsets. Hypnosis can also help alleviate some of the physical symptoms  of panic and anxiety, including rapid heart rate, nausea, hyperventilation, and even high blood pressure. You can be taught how to use self-hypnosis to reduce anxiety, overcome panic attacks and induce fellings of calm and confidence.

So if you need help to overcome anxiety, stress or panic without the use of medication, call us at New Farm Hypnotherapy and one of our experienced hypnotherapists will help you get back in control naturally and without the use of drugs.

Fear of flyingphobia-2

Fear of flying or aviophobia is one of the most common fear or phobias. For some people it is a distinct phobia in itself and for others it can be a combination of other phobias such as a fear of heights (acrophobia) or a fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia).

Just because the fear of flying is common, this does not mean that it should be ignored or minimised if you experience such a phobia. A fear of flying can become a major block to travelling and living life to the full in a global world where most people travel extensively for both business and pleasure. If you find yourself unduly anxious at the thought of getting on a plane hypnosis can help you easily overcome flying phobia and it has been proved to be a very effective treatment.

Hypnosis and the fear of flying

Using hypnosis patients are able to confront and overcome their anxiety and fear of flying in the safety of a clinical environment. At New Farm Hypnotherapy Clinic our hypnotherapists have been helping clients overcome flying phobias for more that 20 years and we have the experience and expertise to help you fly as comfortably and confidently as possible using a combination of hypnosis, NLP and creative visualisation.

We all know at a logical level that flying is statistically the safest method of travel but for some of us anxiety takes over at the thought of boarding a plane. This is an automatic and emotional response which like all fears and phobias is triggered by the subconscious mind. Because this response of not logical, no amount of logic successfully overcomes a fear of flying. However, hypnosis addresses the subconscious mind, the part of the mind that produces anxiety, fear and panic and can be used to make flying seem uneventful or even pleasurable again.

If you experience a fear of flying you can enjoy travel whether for work or pleasure, simply give us a call at New Farm Hypnotherapy and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about hypnotherapy, the fear of flying and how you can confidently overcome this anxiety.

Call us on 07 3254 1373 for a chat or fill out the form below.

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Hypnosis for flying phobia : overcome the fear of flying

hypnosis for flying phobias

Fear of flying is very common and affects around 1 in 5 people. You may have always been anxious about flying or, as in some cases, you might have developed a fear of flying for what seems to be no good reason. Flying phobias generally revolve around a fear of confined spaces, the lack of control experienced during flights or the overwhelming feeling that something disastrous is going to happen. 

No matter how you experience flying or how strong your phobia may be, you can overcome flying phobia permanently using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy. We have been using these techniques to help people fly comfortably and without anxiety for more than 15 years and have successfully treated hundreds of clients over that time.

Overcoming flying phobias is not permanently achieved by managing fear or anxiety because by doing this you are simply telling yourself that the ‘bad feeling’ is there and may take over at any time. A more successful and easier way of overcoming the fear of flying is to remove the fear and anxiety altogether by using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy. Both of these techniques involve using the resources you already have, and use to overcome anxiety in all sorts of other situations. This will help you change your thoughts at both the conscious and unconscious levels. We work with each client as an individual because no two people experience anxiety in the same way, and by the time you’ve finished the program you’ll be able to travel comfortably and without anxiety.

What our clients say…

Hi Antoine,
Wondering if you can pass on to Glen that I have been fine flying. He and my excellent personal work myself!!! has changed the way I deal with fear. I am, I would say 99% better with flying… it has been a great comfort to me and when I start to feel panicky I can pop myself into a nice trance and cope. I say great things about your practice.

To overcome flying phobia,  call us on 07 3254 1373, email or fill in the form below and you can start to make the changes you want.

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