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Anxiety Insomnia and Hypnosis

It’s 2:05am and yes, Hypnotherapists occasionally suffer insomnia. To be honest not sleeping isn’t something that usually troubles me, but I thought instead of using one of the many techniques I teach my clients to get back to sleep I’d spend a few minutes doing something more useful, and that’s to discuss why we all sometimes suffer insomnia…

One of the most common causes of insomnia, particularly waking in the night and being unable to get back to sleep is simply that we have something on our mind that’s causing a level of anxiety that’s stopping us from stilling the mind allowing restful sleep.

In my case today it is a visit to my oncologist tomorrow morning that’s causing anxiety and like so many anxieties it’s easy to imagine the worst, particularly in the early hours of the morning. So the culprit in this case is anxiety, these are generally unfounded worries that trouble the subconscious mind. They interfere with our regular sleep patterns and often wake us at inconvenient times.

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Insomnia : hypnosis v medication

Hypnosis For Insomnia: How hypnotherapy helps with insomnia and other sleep difficulties.

Many Australians have lost the art of being able to relax, and many of us live life with an ‘always on the go’ mentality. We live life balancing work, home, social engagements and for some, parenting or volunteer work. We’re always on the go and seldom think of enjoying some formal relaxation until we feel stressed or burnt out. Our lifestyles have become very high paced and although this allows us to get a lot of things done, after a while this is unsustainable as our minds and our bodies need to slow down, relax and sleep. Only good quality sleep can restore our mind and body and as a bonus helps keep us in good health.

insomnia and hypnosisFor many of us good, quality, restorative sleep doesn’t come easily. After a hectic day of work, play and other activity it can seem hard to wind down. Studies show that between 13 and 33% of the adult population experience some degree of insomnia (1). Long term insomnia causes us to be 30 – 40% less productive and efficient when compared with someone with health sleep patterns. Not getting enough sleep is simply not smart in the long term, not only because it makes functioning effectively that much harder, but also because sleeplessness has been linked to many other debilitating health problems, including depression, anxiety, obesity, and hypertension.

Sleeping Pills and Insomnia

Many insomnia sufferers turn to drugs to help them sleep and while these can be useful in the short term, some can have significant side effects both physical and psychological, and many are also habit forming. Experienced medical practitioners usually don’t recommend using medication for insomnia for more than a few days. These medications don’t actually promotes the natural sleep cycles that are restorative, in fact many clients tell us that they wake feeling ‘groggy’ after taking drugs for insomnia and feel that they can’t function effectively after taking them.

Hypnosis is the natural way to restore healthy sleep patterns

insomnia-hypnotherapyMany people prefer to use natural methods of treating insomnia and more and more are choosing hypnotherapy to do so. Because hypnosis is a normal state of brain activity that we all experience from time to time in ways such as day dreaming, we all have the potential to use our own minds to treat insomnia completely naturally, and 100% drug free and safe. Hypnosis is the perfect remedy to sleepless nights.

Hypnosis can help you get to sleep when you can’t seem to calm your mind and silence your thoughts. The process of relaxing into sleep using hypnosis will allow your mind ‘get out of the way’ so that you body can drift into normal patterns of brain wave activity that lead to sleep. Hypnosis will also help you stay asleep so that you wake feeling refreshed after a completely natural night’s sleep.

Hypnosis does not artificially force your body into a state of sleep but rather naturally encourages your mind and body to cooperate and work together as they should. We’ve worked with many hundreds of insomnia sufferers who have been amazed at how they can enjoy quality, restorative and drug free sleep.

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1 Re-awakening Australia; The economic cost of sleep disorders in Australia 2010. Sleep Health Foundation, October 2010

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