Hypnosis and gambling : controlling the pokies using hypnotherapy

Gambling awareness week Victoria

Today marks the start of of Gambling Awareness Week in Victoria which is held annually to raise awareness about the importance of gambling responsibly. Gambling is becoming a more a more serious social problem throughout Australia and on the Gambling Awareness Week website a survey reports that more than 60% of people think that it is becoming more difficult to gamble responsibly. 

The problem of increased gambling is prevalent all over Australian and at New Farm Hypnotherapy we have experienced a 74% gambling rise in clients who contact us because they are are that they have or may develop an issue with gambling. Very often this revolves around poker machines or gaming machines which have greatly increased in number over the past few years. Victims of gambling find that their lives are no longer their own and the most important things in life, relationships, health and financial security begin to suffer as gambling becomes the driving force that controls a gambling addict.

Hypnosis is a powerful solution that can help break what can seem like a hopeless addiction. New Farm Hypnotherapy’s “Cut Your Losses” program provides real hope to people seemingly trapped a a destructive cycle of gambling. The program isn’t about willpower, its about realigned your desires and values so that you can look back at your addiction with a sense of relief and pride that it no longer has a hold over you. You can begin to repair your relationships and finances and get you life back on track.


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