When is the best time to make a change in our lives?

Many of us choose the the New Year to make changes in the way we live and the things we do. These can be a simple as quitting smoking, taking more exercise of being more positive in our outlook on life. Research shows that making changes is much more effective when we have prepared ourselves and given consideration to all of the ramifications that change may bring.

I don’t know how you got on with the resolutions you made at the beginning of 2015 but statistically, the chances are that despite the resolve you felt on January 1st, in a few weeks you will have reverted at least in part back to old patterns of behaviour. One study shows that as little as 8% of new year’s resolutions are actually accomplished.

Often this this is because of a lack of preparation and appreciation of how difficult it can be to change ingrained habits without involving the unconscious mind through the use of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be a powerful agent of change because it helps us write new patterns of behaviour in the unconscious mind easily and without a conflict with your conscious desires.

Making change and improving your life is best done when you are ready and prepared to do so rather than because of an arbitrary date on the calendar.

Whatever and whenever you decide to change old habits or improve your health and wellbeing, at New Farm Hypnotherapy we have a team of experienced and dedicated therapists who will help you achieve your goals. Just as habits are built over time, using hypnosis they can be changed giving you the freedom and confidence to successfully get on with life.

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