Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic : FAQ About Quitting Smoking and Hypnosis
These are some of the most common questions our clients ask us about our Smoke Free Program

I’ve seen advertisements for quitting smoking in 60 minutes, why don’t you offer this service?

This is fairly recent phenomenon and have been quite heavily advertised, sometimes guarantees are also offered but these are often conditional. Such programs are usually based on set formulas and more than 15 years clinical experience have taught us that set formulas simply don’t work in the long term for the vast majority of people. Therapy is an very personal experience and all of our clients are individuals, one size simply doesn't fit all.
We have chosen to offer a personalised service to every client and meet their needs appropriately and out clinical experience is that conducting Smoke Free over two sessions has resulted in a much greater long term success rate. After all, that's the result both we and the client want.

Why don't you offer a 'lifetime guarantee' as I've seen others do?

It doesn’t matter what method you choose to quit smoking no­‐one can guarantee you will never pick up a cigarette again, we all have free will. However, if you ever have problem we’ll be here to help you. Less than 6% of our clients have issues with smoking after therapy.

Also offering guarantees for the outcome of therapy contravenes the Code of Ethics of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and is illegal in many states unless a clients signs away their statutory rights. As professional therapists we wouldn't feel comfortable asking our clients to do this.

Some hypnotherapists want me to sign a contract, why don't you do that?

We simply don't think that this is necessary or appropriate. We believe that clients who come to see us to quit smoking genuinely want to do so and adding a set of conditions won't help achieve that outcome. We have operated our clinic in an atmosphere of mutual trust as respect and for nearly two decades this has worked for both us and our clients.

Why is your advertising different to some that I’ve seen?

We adhere to a strict code of ethics in both advertising and practice, these ethics and values are based on truth, honesty and integrity. We are also all members of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and are guided by the Association's code of ethics and advertising values which can be found on their website -

More importantly, our reputation is important to us, we have been in practice in the same location for many years and plan to be here to help people for many more.

Have something else you'd like to ask us?

We are always happy to answer our clients questions, when you can us you'll speak directly to one of our therapists so if you'd like to know more call us on 07 3254 1373 or email

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