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Trancesolutions Hypnosis MP3s / CDs for Creativity

Trancesolutions hypnotherapy CDs / MP3s to enhance your creativity

Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic : Hypnosis CDs and MP3s for Creativity Hypnosis CDs and MP3s for creativity

You might need inspiration for a project or want to enhance your ability to think creatively. You may be a writer needing to overcome writer’s block, Creative Writing will help you to achieve your best. Using Creative Writing you will start to use your subconscious mind and “think out of the square”.

True creativity seems to come by itself because it flows from the subconscious mind, the part of the mind that generates ideas by using the resources of your memory, learnings and experience. Creative Writing is designed to stimulate the imaginative part of the mind allowing you to achieve your potential.

Pack Contents
  • Instant Download MP3s or Double CD with 3 hypnotherapy programs, downloadable worksheets – $39.95

What our clients say about this program

Creative Writing

“I love this CD, I feel like something has been released inside me”

– Bill – 

Did you know?

Research shows that daydreaming which is a form of trace of hypnosis. leads to improved learning; greater creativity and increased success.

Highly successful people have one thing in common, they all sound time daydreaming about their area of success.

“I…go over again in the imagination the main outlines of the forms previously studied, or of other noteworthy things conceived by ingenious speculation; and this exercise is entirely to be commended, and it is useful in fixing things in the memory.” Leonardo Da Vinci 

“When I heard the music it made pictures in my head…here are the pictures.” Walt Disney (Describing the film Fantasia)

Every person I looked at had daydreaming enhances creativity, helps us to retain information and releases creativity. As a form of trance it also bypasses the critical factor of the brain so that anything seems possible and unlike night dreaming you are in a conscious state and your creative imagination is not constrained by any rules.

The the same way that Sports Psychologists use visualisation you can use daydreaming and your creative imagination to your advantage. Studies have shown that those that use visualisation out perform those that use practice alone.

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