Hypnotherapy Testimonials Quitting Smoking
What our clients say about using hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Hypnotherapy quit smoking testimonials


Dear Antoine Just a quick note to thank you. I really enjoyed my very first hypnotherapy session and it’s working like a treat, certainly compared to my husband who is going “cold turkey” and is SO irritable! I’ve told a few of my friends about you, you may be hearing from them. Katie

Hi Antoine, How are you? Just a short note to let you know that I’m going well with the “no smoking”. Nearly 4 months now (feels like a lot longer). Made it through stress with the kids and the odd party… haven’t been tempted, it actually does get easier!!! Lots of new clothes in the wardrobe – and have even started at the gym. THANK YOU! I’ll keep you posted. Donna

Dear Glen, I would like to thank you for your wonderful hypnotherapy. I have not had any tobacco since last seeing you and I have no desire – so, many thanks for that!! I still from time to time listen to your CD which is very relaxing and keep my mind on track. Roberta

Dear Antoine, Thank you – I feel fabulous and today is my 8th day without a cigarette, so that is brilliant. I was raving to everyone I know for a couple of days after that WICKED trance I had, I mean really, who needs artificial highs!! Cheers and I’ll keep you up to date on things. Gillian

It’s been just over 3 months since I came and saw you and reckon you deserve an update on how I’m travelling with the quitting situation. So far….so good. I haven’t had one smoke, not even a puff. I probably still think about it every day and there are times I think I want one but I don’t think I will ever smoke again. There have been times where I could have easily bummed a durry off a mate (fishing, having a beer, watching footy) but surprisingly they are the times I couldn’t imagine having one. I’m proud of myself, close friends (even the smokers) are proud of me and I can’t imagine taking up the habit again after coming so far. Thank you, and if you have any clients that are nervous about going through hypnosis, I am happy to tell them of my experience. I will let you know how I’m travelling when I make 6 months as a “person who used to smoke”. Tim


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