Hypnotherapy Testimonials – Controlling Alcohol
What our clients say about using hypnotherapy to control drinking alcohol

Hypnotherapy stop drinking testimonials



I just have to tell you how well I am doing! since I started the program not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips. I have socialised a lot and have not at all been interested in drinking. I’m reading, have been staying up longer, I’m sleeping very well and feel very motivated. – I.M.

I want to say many, many thanks for the CDs, I am doing great. 6 days today without a drink and I’m waking and feeling the best I have in ages. The CDs are so well done, thank you. – J.D.

I was very happy with the outcome of the hypnotherapy sessions with Glen. I’ve been able to take back control as far my drinking is concerned. During some stressful times I had been relying on alcohol to self-medicate and it eventually became a habit I found hard to break. I no longer feel to need to drink every night and now enjoy having a couple of drinks at social occasions. As a result I feel so much healthier, have started losing weight and my mental state of health is so much more positive, Thanks Glen for helping me take back control. – K.O.


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