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How many visits to a hypnotherapist do I need ?

How many visits?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked as a therapist and it is almost impossible to answer, but sometimes the mind works in powerful ways. Today I received  a call from a client who came to the clinic for a single session to help manage some quite serious anxiety.He was calling to cancel or at least postpone the two subsequent appointments he’d made. Why? He told me that his 90 minutes session has made him feel so much in control again that his anxiety had almost completely dissipated.

For once I was pleased that a client cancelled as session! The subconscious mind has powerful ways of working when we allow ourselves to access its potential. To be fair, one session in the exception rather than the rule, I generally recommend that clients come and see us three or four times over a period of a month or five weeks, this gives time for change to happen at a gentle and manageable pace. Obviously everyone is different, but if you suffer from anxiety, phobia or panic attacks, give us a call at New Farm Hypnotherapy Clinic and see how your subconscious mind can help you make the changes you want. You might even surprise yourself.

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