Recommended Hypnotherapists
Names of hypnotherapists we know and are happy to recommend

Recommended hypnotherapists in Australia

As a long serving board member and National President of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association I feel passionate about the profession. It has matured and grown over the past 20 years and become part of the mainstream of complimentary  health, there are now many skilled therapists all over Australia. I have personally met and spoken with many hundreds of hypnotherapists around the country both at workshops, seminars and one on one and am always happy to help people find a suitable practitioner in their area. If you need help finding a therapist, please feel free to give the clinic a call or email me at and I'll do my best to help. Of course, if you're in South East Queensland we'd love to look after you at New Farm Hypnotherapy, in fact people often travel a long way to come and see us because they like the way we work and it's important to find the right therapist to work with.

Below you'll find a list of some therapists around the country I know and trust and can recommend without hesitation. Because all therapists work in different ways you should call, ask a few questions and make sure you feel comfortable with their style and get a sense of compatibility. Generally you can tell over the phone whether you'll work well together and if you're unsure ask for a short appointment just for a talk most therapists are happy to do that, after all, they're there to help.

You'll also find many other hypnotherapists who are members of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association on the National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia.

Australian Capital Territory

Michael Masani
Ph: (02) 6287 1710

Ilona Nichterlein
Ph: 0411 046 175

New South Wales

Leon Cowen
Ph: (02) 9415 6500

Lydia Deukmedjian
Mob: 0410 327 665

Gordon Young
Ph: (02) 9977 7900


Northern Territory

Anne Holleley
Ph: 0423 963 083


Wendy Hall
Ph: 0438 756 529

Bernadette Rizzo
Ph: 0401 082 077

Catherine Lee
Ph: 0419 703 957

Palm Beach
Deborah Bow
Ph: 0404 875 574

Alan Patching
Ph: 0438 394 040

South Australia

Somerton Park
Rona Spicer
Ph: 0408 816 118

Glen Osmond
Marilyn Peterson
Mob: 0408 825 932


Noeline Robinson
Ph: 03 6224 2060


Anne Wilson
Ph: 0425 761 190

Jenet Kirby
Mob: 0400 538 621

Marc Ponzi
Ph:0401 063 594

Christine Taplin
Ph: 0403 131 481

West Australia

Mailin Colman
Ph. 0417 184 355

Therapist Linda Milburn
Mob: 0409 079 435

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