Demystifying sports hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been growing part of psychotherapy, medicine and dentistry for many years and while individual athletes and sports performers have used sports hypnosis to enhance their performance, sports hypnosis is not commonly promoted as a useful training modality for improving athletic performance.

Hypnosis can be an incredibly powerful tool in athletes for both focus, performance enhancement as well as therapeutic purposes. And, over the past few years we have experienced a growing demand for the use of hypnosis for sport performance as every level of sport has become more competitive.
We have helped swimmers, cricketers, footballers, golfers and many others increase their motivation and focus with great results. Most people involved in sport understand that the game has to be won in the mind before it can be won on the field. Hypnosis is an effective method of controlling the mind and ensuring that you perform at your best.

How does hypnosis help with sports motivation?

The hypnotic state is one where you are more receptive to positive suggestions and attention is focused and narrowed to block out outside influences and intruding thoughts. Our critical faculties are suspended so that you can become absorbed in imagining yourself performing perfectly and at your best. Hypnosis is simply a technique or tool used to assist you as an athlete to reach their goals.

Benefits of sports hypnosis

Coaches and athletes alike benefit from using hypnosis. Physiologically hypnosis is generally accompanied by a relaxation response where there is a combination of mental quiet and physical relaxation. This is demonstrated by a slowing heart rate, a lowering of blood pressure and beneficial changes in body chemistry. The hypnotic or trance state is very useful for controlling anxiety and for stress management. When in a trance, the mind is very open to visualisation and creating a rich sensory experience, both of which are extremely powerful and creative for making positive change. The more real the experience becomes in the subconscious mind and imagination in trance, the more effect it will have on your behaviour and performance .

Hypnosis allows you to use your creative imagination in a very powerful and effective way to help improve sport performance. As you are more open to suggestions in hypnosis, suggestions such as increasing self-confidence or controlling nerves or anxiety can be used with great effect. Athletes use hypnosis to reinforce the goals they have set, to improve their imagery, to learn to deal with nerves and to address personal issues. At New Farm Hypnotherapy we believe that hypnosis can be a highly effective tool for performance-enhancement.

When experiencing hypnosis you could also benefit from:

  • relaxation and stress management
  • an increased ability to concentrate, block out distractions or review past events in an unemotional state
  • control of autonomic functions such as blood pressure and pain control also are possible under hypnosis speeding recovery from injury
  • reinforcing self-belief, confidence and motivation.

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