IBS and Hypnotherapy, what clients ask


These are some of the common questions asked by clients about IBS, hypnotherapy and the relief from IBS program at New Farm Hypnotherapy:

  1. Is there evidence that hypnotherapy is effective in treating IBS:
    Yes. University and hospital trials have been conducted in the UK, the USA and in Australia and all have found hypnotherapy to be as or more effective than any other treatment for IBS. All of out therapists, Antoine Matarasso, Annelie Peusschers, Glen Duffy and Geoff Sweeting have all received specific training in the treatment of IBS.
  2. What is hypnotherapy?
    Click here for a detailed explanation of clinical hypnotherapy.
  3. Is this a personalised program?
    Absolutely, we have a fundamental belief that all of our clients are unique and have individual needs, this is why we spend time individualised treatment for each client.
  4. How long will it take for me to experience a change in my condition?
    Many clients experience relief from their IBS symptoms during the first session, and within 2 – 3 sessions you should experience a significant lessening of any IBS symptoms. You will also feel less anxious and enjoy better health and wellbeing.
  5. How may sessions will I need and over how long?
    Generally relief from IBS is a 6 session program undertaken over 9 – 10 weeks. Your first 3 sessions will be weekly and the remaining every two weeks. Many clients also request a follow-up appointment which we arrange for 3 months after your course of treatment has ended. This enables you and your therapist to evaluate your ongoing progress. This schedule can be modified to suit your individual circumstances.
  6. What will I do in between sessions?
    After each session you will be provided with a self hypnosis CD program which you will use at home to make the most of each consultation. These will also teach you skills which you will be able to use after your treatment is completed.
  7. How will I keep the improvements made during treatment?
    Your therapist will teach you techniques that you can use to overcome any symptoms you may experience in the future. These include self-hypnosis and NLP techniques as well as the CD programs provided. We are available by email, phone or in person should you need further help.
  8. How much does the Relief from IBS program cost?
    The program consists of six 90 minute hypnotherapy sessions, 5 self-hypnosis CDs. The cost of the sessions is $160, sessions are 90 minutes and the audio material is included in the cosy
  9. Are private health fund rebates applicable?
    Some health insurance funds allow you to claim part of the cost of hypnotherapy programs. Any rebate differs between funds and is subject to review by funds on an annual basis. If you have private health cover and a rebate is important to you please check with your health insurance fund.
  10. Is hypnotherapy for IBS safe?
    Hypnotherapy is a gentle, safe and natural treatment with no side effects and no medication. This makes hypnotherapy an ideal choice for those who are frail or may have other medical conditions. New Farm Hypnotherapy does not provide medical advice and encourage clients experiencing symptoms of IBS to consult their GP or treating physician.
  11. How do I make an appointment to start the program?
    To start the program you can call New Farm Hypnotherapy on 07 3254 1373, email appointments at brisbanehypnosisclinic.com.au or fill in the form below. If you still have questions or need more information we’d be happy to book a free 15 minute for you to speak with one of our therapists.

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