Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance
Hypnosis can improve your performance in sport

Use hypnosis to increase your sports performanceHypnosis to improve sport performance

Hypnosis has long been an accepted part of psychotherapy, medicine and dentistry. Hypnosis has also historically been used by sporting competitors at all levels and is an incredibly powerful tool for athletes for both therapeutic and performance-enhancement purposes. Athletes try many different ways to help enhance their performance in sports and one extremely effective method commonly used is hypnotherapy.

In 1956 the Russian Olympic team took 11 hypnotists  to the Melbourne Olympics as support staff and at those games the Russians won more medals than any other competing country. Golfer Jack Nicklaus says hypnosis and visualization techniques helped with his success in his sport and tennis pro Andre Agassi worked with Anthony Robbins using hypnosis and NLP to improve his performance on the tennis court.

Many successful sports professionals use some form of visualisation or hypnotherapy for sports performance and many seek the help of a clinical hypnotherapist or sports psychologist to assist in their mental preparation. While these two modalities have much in common clinical hypnotherapists directly influence the subconscious mind which controls learnt behaviour such as sporting skills, muscle memory, mental focus and other vital elements of sports performance.

Hypnotherapy for sports performance

You can use hypnotherapy, creative visualisation and NLP techniques to maximise your performance in many ways:

  • get full value from your training
  • overcome pre-competition nerves
  • learn to focus your attention instantly
  • overcome distractions
  • improve your overall performance
  • increase your endurance
  • capitalise on the muscle memory effect
  • program sports success
  • lose or gain weight
  • develop mental stamina
  • increase your motivation and;
  • feel and become more confident.

Hypnotherapy for sports performance

Many athletes are aware of issues that are causing them problems but are unable to overcome them without professional help.  Using clinical hypnosis, sports performance can be improved without performance enhancing drugs, and it is perfectly legal and accepted in all sports as a valid form of sports preparation.

If you want to perform at your best we have the experience to help you get there. New Farm Hypnotherapy’s Playing To Win program will change the way you compete and bring out your potential. We have wired with professional athletes from many sports disciplines including, cricket, football, AFL, martial arts, weight lifters, golfers and professional tennis players.

Let us help you perform at your best and reach your full athletic potential. If you’re ready to take the next step, call us on 07 3254 1373, email appointments@brisbanehypnosisclinic.com.au or fill in the form below and you can start to make the changes you’s like.

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