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Hypnotherapy to overcome sugar addiction

Overcome sugar addiction and cravings using hypnotherapy | Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic

Hypnosis for sugar addiction

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Can you kick your sugar addiction cravings?

That early morning latte or an afternoon treat might seem harmless, but our modern eating habits add up to a lot of sugar over the course of a day. In fact the Australian Bureau of statistics estimate that Australians consumed around 160 grams or (30 teaspoonfuls) of free sugars a day. Much of this comes from added or hidden sugars we often aren’t aware of. 

Our bodies are not designed to cope with the amount of sugar we take in and need to process on a daily basis, let alone what this adds up to over the course of a lifetime. For some people this becomes a real sugar addiction.

Western diets high in sugar have been linked to a number of serious health issues, including tooth decay, weight gain, diabetes and fatty liver disease. A high-sugar diet also increases the risk of fatal heart disease.

Sugar and weight loss

If you’re struggling with weight loss, have tried diets, exercise and the various weight loss methods that come up from time to time and still struggle to look and feel your best, sugar could well be a large part reason you’re not reaching your goals.

We all know that too much sugar is bad for us. But trying to reduce the amount of sugar we consume isn’t easy. Much of it is added and comes from “extra” foods and drinks we eat and drink. Soft drinks, energy and sports drinks, as well as fruit and vegetable juices make up 32 per cent of the added sugars in our diets. All of these are promoted as healthy when in fact many contain high levels of sugar. On top of this, almost nine per cent of the added sugars we consume are in confectionery, cakes and muffins.

For many of us, getting over our sugar addiction seems impossible. We can change our habits for a few days or weeks. But as with most diets, before we know it, we’re back to snacking and our sugar intake is way up again.

If you’ve struggled to kick your sugar habit, you’re not alone. Most Australians today eat more than 58 kilos of sugar each year, to put that into context, for the average family, it’s the equivalent of going to the supermarket each week, taking 4 bags of sugar of the shelf, taking them home, eating them and starting all over again next week and every week after that. That’s more than a full kilo bag of sugar a week per family member and most of the time we don’t even know we’re eating these hidden sugars. It’s hard to escape the constant temptation of sweets!

Sugar is addictive

Self-discipline and dieting can only help in part because research shows that excess sugar consumption actually reprograms your brain which then creates its own intense cravings.  How? Eating sugar triggers the production and release of addiction-forming chemicals in the body. These chemicals activate feelings of pleasure, relaxation and comfort. Over time, the brain learns that the body needs more and more sugar to function and release the endorphins that make us feel good.


sugar addiction

In other words, sugar addiction is very real. In fact, several studies have shown that sugar is as addictive – if not more – than street drugs like cocaine and heroin. No wonder it’s so difficult to cut sugar from our diets, particularly when we’re often not aware of how much is engineered into our daily food intake.

The Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic Sugar Challenge Program

But willpower alone isn’t enough to cure our sugar addictions. The reason is that sugar addiction is rooted deep in the unconscious mind.  Our subconscious has developed positive a deep attachment to sweets. Without untangling and reframing these associations, we aren’t getting to the root cause of our sugar habit.

Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic has developed our Sugar Challenge program in association with Dr Beth Steels who will work in conjunction with you and our hypnotherapists to ensure that you can kick the sugar habit finding a positive way to permanent weight control.

Hypnotherapy offers a solution for reversing these subconscious urges. Through hypnosis, you can begin to examine how your subconscious views sugar and provide it with new information to change habits.  

Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic : Sugar Challenge

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Chances are you already know that:

Many foods we perceive to be healthy (thanks to clever marketing) may be far from it. Some contain hidden ingredients like trans fats and others may have artificial colourings and preservatives. But added sugar is, arguably, the most commonly hidden ingredient, sugar is put into foods to increase it’s flavour, especially in reduced fat foods.

sugar addiction

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