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The Three Dependencies Associated with Stopping Smoking Successfully

Smoking is a multi-faceted addiction or habit and to stop smoking permanently it is vital to overcome the three dependencies associated with the smoking habit. These are;

stopping smoking using hypnosis

Nicotine dependency: Perhaps you wake each morning craving a cigarette. This is because of nicotine dependency. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug with a half-life or about 40 minutes and while you sleep the level of the drug in your bloodstream has dropped to the point where you may feel uncomfortable and need to smoke soon after waking. In fact many smokers have two or three cigarettes in quick succession soon after waking to restore the nicotine level in the bloodstream to a comfortable level.

Habitual dependency: Are you one of the many smokers who gets into the car and lights a cigarette before driving off? All smokers have habitual dependencies, some of these include smoking when having a cup of coffee or talking on the phone, smoking when consuming alcohol or when enjoying time out. These are habits that are formed over many years of smoking and these must be broken in order to successfully quit smoking.

Psychological dependency: It is very common for smokers light a cigarette when they are stressed, perhaps lonely or bored. Psychologically dependency occurs when cigarettes are used to change our mood or as a coping mechanism to deal with unpleasant emotions.

The Smoke Free Program specifically targets all three dependencies making it the most effective method for you to quit smoking permanently. You will be amazed at its simplicity and effectiveness as you begin to reap the immediate financial and health benefits of quitting. For an average smoker, smoking a pack a day, Smoke Free pays for itself in less time than it takes to complete the program. If stopping smoking is what you want, call Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic – New Farm Hypnotherapy on 07 3254 1373 and talk to one of our friendly professional therapists.

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