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Hypnotherapy for public speaking anxiety

Hypnotherapy and public speaking anxiety, become confident in front of others

Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic : overcome the fear of public speaking

Public speaking anxiety 

  • Have you experienced an anxiety or fear about public speaking?
  • Do you become stressed and anxious when called upon to present to small or large groups in professional situations?
  • Do you find that your confidence vanishes when talking in groups or team meetings?

You are not alone, in surveys more than 75% of respondents say that they struggle with a fear of public speaking and have a degree of anxiety when asked to do so.

For many professional people public speaking anxiety can be debilitating and career limiting. Many people even find themselves becoming worried about the possibility of feeling anxious when it comes to speaking in public.

What causes public speaking anxiety?

Most clients we see tell us that the issue is less about an actual fear of speaking in public and more about what they think might happen when they start to talk in from of others. These fears and anxieties include:

  • A fear of being judged by friends and colleagues 
  • Feeling under pressure to perform, especially in front of superiors at work
  • Fear that you will have a panic attack or freeze
  • Feeling anxious about being the focus of attention
  • Fear that you will forget or stumble over your words
  • Worrying about blushing or being embarrassed in front of people

Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic : how to overcome public speaking anxiety

Some of our clients have tried courses to overcome their public speaking anxiety and fears without any real success. While these resources can be useful to develop your skills in presenting, unless the underlying anxiety is addressed you will never feel completely at ease when faced with giving a presentation or making a speech.

Hypnotherapy is a proven way of eliminating the fear of public speaking and increasing your confidence when interacting with others at all levels and this is true in professional and social situations. During your sessions your therapist will help you overcome any previous negative experiences and use hypnosis and NLP techniques to create a new conditioned response that will ensure that you are calm and confidence when soaking in public. You will also learn techniques that will help you remain calm and relaxed whenever you are speaking in public. 

You can easily and quickly overcome public speaking anxiety and discover your inner confidence. Over many years we have worked with people from all walks of life and helped them regain confidence when presenting at work or meeting new people in social or professional situations.

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Did you know?

Our Speak Out program is one of the most popular titles in our wide range of Hypnotherapy audio programs. Speak Out is a great way of overcoming the fear of public speaking for people who are unable to come to the clinic. However, if you are anxious about speaking in public or in social situations and live in South East Queensland visiting the clinic is a better options and we can personalise therapy more effectively on a one-to-one basis.

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