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Feeling overwhelmed? Hypnosis helps...

Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic | Meditative Hypnosis helps you gain perspective

Feeling overwhelmed? Hypnotherapy will get you back on track 

Do you…

  • feel overwhelmed in life?
  • feel overwhelmed at work?
  • feel as if life is somehow getting on top of you?

We can help. Our Regaining Control will help you get back on track.

Feeling overwhelmed is a common response to stressful life events or even a stressful lifestyle. Work, family, uncertainty, ill health and difficult relationships can individually or together lead to feelings of loss of control and difficulty in dealing with the challenges of life.

Symptoms of feeling overwhelmed can include:

  • worrying
  • feeling anxious
  • tiredness
  • insomnia
  • difficulty concentrating
  • panic or anxiety attacks
  • weight gain or weight loss
  • a sense of hopelessness and even depression

Sometimes feeling overwhelmed in life is an understandable emotional response to stressful or difficult life events such as loss, conflict in relationships, perceived failure, illness or a change in circumstances. However if the feeling of being overwhelmed doesn’t diminish with time, perhaps its time to take some pro-active steps.

The Regaining Control Program

Sometimes all it takes to overcome feelings of being overwhelmed are some new strategies and a little self care. That’s where we can help. At Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic we’ve been helping people discover better strategies since 1998. Using proven techniques that are individually tailored to each client, we’ve seen thousands of people regain control and start enjoying life more.

Regaining Control will put you back in the driving seat of your life in the midst of a busy life, a demanding schedule and the uncertainties that surround us all. This natural and drug free program will relieve tension, stress and anxiety and you’ll benefit from the meditative hypnosis that calms and changes your perspective.


Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic – The Regaining Control program

This program, exclusive to Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic is personalised, reframes your patterns of thinking and reduces stress and anxiety. The program combines hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioural change therapy and NLP and over the past few years has proved to be life changing for participants. Clients report feeling in control, healthier, more and confident after completing the program.

If you feel overwhelmed, anxious or as if life is too much Regaining Control will put you back in the driving seat of life..

The Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic Regaining Control program includes one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions, a personalised plan for change and self-hypnosis audios or CDs to use between sessions. If you’d like to know more about Meditative Hypnosis call and speak to one of our hypnotherapists who will explain how Regaining Control can be personalised for you, email or give us a call.

We also have a range of programs you can use at home to regain control when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Our Inner Journey hypnosis audio will de-stress you and change the way you think, feel and act. For more details see our Trancesolutions site.

Did you know?

We use these hypnosis audio programs with all of our clinical clients. They reinforce the work achieve in a session and also minimise the number of sessions that many clients need. People who use the CDs regularly see more rapid results that those who don’t make the time.

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