Hypnotherapy and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Hypnotherapy is a proven treatment for irritable bowel syndrome

Treating IBS with hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is one of several approaches to treating irritable bowel syndrome and has significant advantages which makes it an attractive option for many IBS sufferers with Hypnosis and Irritable Bowel Syndromechronic and severe symptoms. These include:

  • Hypnosis is one of the most successful treatment approaches for IBS, particularly chronic IBS. Positive outcome to treatment is 80% or higher in most published studies to date. This approach was pioneered in the UK and is now being used around the world
  • Hypnotherapy often helps individuals who have not seen improvement using other methods
  • It is a uniquely comfortable form of treatment; relaxing, easy and generally enjoyable
  • Hypnosis uses the healing ability of the mind and therefore is in the patient’s control
  • Hypnosis has no negative side effects and is extremely cost effective when compared to other treatment options
  • Treating IBS using hypnosis has the added benefit of reducing stress together with a dramatic reduction of IBS symptoms
  • The beneficial effects of the treatment last long after the end of the course of treatment. According to research, individuals who improve from hypnosis treatment for IBS can look forward to years of reduced symptoms.

 About IBS

Hypnotherapy and IBSAs sufferers know, IBS  is a chronic but manageable illness the symptoms of which have a severe and negative impact on quality of life.  The condition is common in Australia and it is estimated that IBS  accounts for around 50% of consultations with gastroenterologists. IBS cannot be treated effectively with medication although this may be used to relieve some symptoms.






Hypnotherapy and irritable bowel syndrome 

In many countries, hypnotherapy has become the treatment of choice  for IBS 

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