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Hypnotherapy for weight control

The Looking Good Program : the effective way of using hypnotherapy for weight loss

Use hypnosis to lose weight permanently

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Weight loss isn’t rocket science, it’s mostly common sense. It’s about what we eat, how much we eat, how much activity we we do and how we think.  This approach coupled with hypnotherapy for weight loss ensures that permanent changes are made. However, our unique personalities, different lifestyles and personal circumstances, means there can never realistically be a “one treatment for all” approach to any kind of therapy and this includes effective and permanent weight loss.

At New Farm Hypnotherapy Clinic we provide hypnotherapy for weight loss treatments and programs personalised to each client’s individual needs and naturally, this applies to issues regarding weight control, food, motivation to exercise starting with adjusting our thought processes.


We are asked about hypnotherapy for weight loss for many reasons including:

  • Obesity – rates of obesity have been climbing steeply in Australia over the past 20 years leaving us in the unenviable position of being one of the most obese nations in the world.
  • Binge eating – some clients express concern that they binge eat at times of anxiety or emotional stress.
  • General health concerns – many clients have become concerned about their health realising that they have been gradually gaining weight over a period of time.
  • Pre-diabetic treatment – some clients have a been advised by their medical practitioners that they need to make lifestyle changes to avoid the possibility of developing type-2 diabetes, these changes often include changing their eating habits and losing weight.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

We all know that there is no magic to losing weight, we need to eat appropriately and be more physically active. In other words, Most of us are well aware of what foods we should be eating or avoiding, we also know the amount and type of physical activity we need to be doing, but somehow we just don’t seem to “get around to it “ or  promise ourselves that “we’ll start next week”. Over time this causes unhealthy lifestyle habits to become entrenched. Most of us just need to find the right kind of motivation to do the things we already know we should be doing. Hypnosis will help change these deeply entrenched habits and gives us the ongoing motivation to eat and exercise appropriately.

Hypnosis for weight loss with an experienced and understanding therapist, using a variety of techniques and relevant strategies, offers an opportunity to bring about changes in attitudes with specific emphasis on personal growth, self confidence, self esteem, motivation, all of which play a necessary role in physical and psychological well being, resulting in natural weight reduction.

Natural weight loss

Using hypnotherapy to lose weight is completely natural, drug free and does not involve dieting or feelings of depravation. It is about realigning what you do with what you want and this happens firstly in your mind. Hypnosis will change you way you think about losing weight at a subconscious level and you’ll find yourself thinking and acting differently. Your subconscious mind will support your conscious desire to lose weight and exercise and you’ll find yourself doing the things you want to do rather than the things you don’t.

For the first time you’ll actually enjoy the process of losing weight.  Unlike traditional dieting, hypnotherapy will feel positive and self motivating and because it’s not about depravation or dieting the changes in the way you think and feel will be permanent and will seem natural to you, they will quickly become a part of your everyday life.

Start losing weight today

Whatever your reasons for wanting to lose weight, we will design a personalised hypnotherapy program that suits you, your lifestyle and goals. Call us on 07 3254 1373, email or fill in the form below and you can start to make the changes you want.  We are friendly and approachable, when you call you’ll speak to one of our therapists who can answer all your questions about how a personalised weight control program will work for you.

Did you know?

I her article “Everything You Need To About Hypnosis and Weight Loss“, Charlotte Hilton Anderson wrote:

“There is a surprising amount of scientific research looking at the effectiveness of hypnosis for weight loss and much of it is positive. One of the original studies, done in 1986, found that overweight women who used a hypnosis program lost 17 pounds, compared to 0.5 pounds for women who were just told to watch what they ate. In the 90’s a meta-analysis of hypnosis weight loss research found that subjects who used hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who didn’t. And a 2014 study found that women who used hypnosis improved their weight, BMI, eating behaviour, and even some aspects of body image.”

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