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Trancesolutions: professional hypnosis audio programs available on CD, MP3 and through iTunes. The best in hypnosis audio self-help programs from the hypnotherapists at Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic – New Farm Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy Resource: a resource website for clinical hypnotherapists.

The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia: the HCA is Australia’s Peak Body for the hypnotherapy profession. Its members are the hypnotherapy associations and educational organisations. 

The HCA National Hypnotherapists Register: the National Hypnotherapists Register is the HCA register of accredited hypnotherapists. All practitioners listed on the register meet their association’s and the HCA standards for clinical hypnotherapists. 

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association: the AHA has been the premier association for hypnotherapy and hypnotherapists since 1949, it is the oldest and largest hypnotherapy organisation in Australia.

The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists: the ASCH is a dynamic, progressive association at the cutting edge of new developments in hypnotherapy.

REBHP: the Register for Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, founded in March 2008, is a professional accrediting body which seeks to establish the highest possible professional standards in the field of hypno-psychotherapy by promoting evidence-based practice.

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We use these hypnosis audio programs with all of our clinical clients. They reinforce the work achieve in a session and also minimise the number of sessions that many clients need. People who use the CDs regularly see more rapid results that those who don't make the time.


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