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Keeping your promises to yourself

Make this year different and achieve what you set out to do

How hypnotherapy can help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions

The turn of a new year holds symbolism for many people, it is both the end of a segment of time and the beginning of the promise of something new. A new year is the opportunity for a fresh start.  If you’re like most people, the majority of your New Year’s resolutions become lost in time by the end of February. Statistics show that less than 30% of the promises we make to ourselves are realised but, year after year, we believe that we can and will change. On New Years Eve,  many of us resolve to achieve a personal goal or make a significant life change.  When making such resolutions we rarely ask ourselves “What will make me succeed this year when previously I haven’t done so?”

How hypnotherapy can help you succeed

Whatever change you’ve decided to make this year all change will begin in your mind. Hypnosis will help you to identify and remove any obstacles, keep you motivated and focused and ultimately achieve you goals. The top 10 resolutions made every new year are to:


The order may vary but these resolutions consistently are the top ten changes people want to make. Most likely, the resolution you made falls somewhere within those listed above and the question remains “What will make me succeed this year when previously I haven’t done so?” This is where hypnotherapy can help by putting you in the frame of mind that will stop you from procrastinating and keep you focused on your objectives. Hypnotherapy will help you find the inner resources and determination that you may have lacked in the past and to make plans for the future.

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Did you know?

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