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Trancesolutions Hypnosis CDs and Audios for Gambling

Trancesolutions Hypnosis CDs and Audios for Gambling Addiction

Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic – Hypnosis CDs and Audios for Gambling Hypnosis cds and mp3s for gambling

Poker machine and Internet gambling addiction has become a major social problem around the world. Cut Your Loses provides effective strategies for stopping or reducing gambling, particularly the use of gaming machines or the pokies.

This program will change negative or unhelpful recurrent thinking which allows change to begin so gambling addictions are broken. Cut Your Losses is based on our clinical program that helps people with gambling addictions.


Hypnosis CDs and Audios for Gambling

Cut Your Losses will also assist in strengthening self-confidence and self-esteem. This hypnosis CDs and audios for Gambling is a powerful way to break the gambling habit and build new behavioural patterns, it will help you gain control and stay in control of your life and finances.

Pack Contents
  • Instant Download audios or Double CD with 3 hypnotherapy programs with downloadable worksheets – $39.95

What our clients say about Cut Your Losses – hypnosis CDs and audios for gambling

Cut Your Losses

“Thanks for the CDs which I received, I am now 3 days into the program and have noticed a huge difference in my mental state and happiness and no inclination to go to the pokies.”

– MD – 

“I played the CD both on retiring and waking up… I literally felt like I subconsciously threw a piece of baggage over a cliff… I am sure there is more to come.”

– Rosalind – 

Did you know?

That in Australia we have more pokies per head of population than anywhere else, and Australians are the biggest gambling losers on the planet. UK-based global gambling analysts H2 Gambling Capital put Australia’s losses per adult at $US958 last year. 

That’s $1,324 in Australian dollars, or about 1.6 per cent of average full-time (and pre-tax) earnings. Hong Kong is second-highest but a long way back at $US768, or 20 per cent less in terms of losses. New Zealanders lose less than half as much as Australians.


Hypnosis CDs and MP3s for Gambling Addictions

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