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Hypnosis for sugar addiction

More and more over the past couple of years we’ve been receiving emails or taking phone calls from clients who say that they have an addiction to sugar and they are contacting us to enquire about hypnosis for sugar addiction. Many worry about the amount of sugar they are consuming and also how much sugar is hidden in various pre-prepared and processed foods. They are concerned both about the sugar they know they are choosing to consume perhaps in soft drink and sweet foods but also becoming more aware of the sugar added to foods that are part of their daily diet. 

The rise of sugar consumption hypnosis for sugar addiction - brisbane hypnosis

There is no doubt that in in our western diet we are consuming more sugar than ever before. In developed countries in 1800 the average annual sugar consumption was around 10kg per person or 5 teaspoons a day. By 1900 this had risen to 40kg per person, 28 teaspoons a day and by 2009 to about 90kg every year or a massive 57 teaspoons a day.

For a family of four consuming this amount of sugar would mean going to the supermarket on Monday, buying six 1kg bags of sugar, consuming it all in a week and going back for another 6 bags the following Monday.

The dangers of excess sugar

It’s only natural that we are worried about our intake of sugar. Excess sugar intake leads all kinds of illness and disease including type 2 diabetes which is increasing exponentially in Australia to the point where the Australian Medical Association and the government are referring to this disease as the “silent pandemic”.

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia; increasing at a faster rate than other chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

In large part our sugar intake is a symbol of our affluence and the changes in our society over the past 50 year or so. We are eating much more in general, we are consuming pre-prepared, processed food and sugar is a hidden ingredient in many foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis. This is where hypnosis for sugar addiction helps.

Why has this happened and what can be done?

Hypnosis for sugar addiction
Thankfully reducing the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes can be as easy as cutting back your sugar intake to healthier levels and this can be quite easy to achieve. By using hypnotherapy, making a few changes and lifestyle alterations sugar addiction can be overcome once and for all.

Hypnosis for sugar addiction and weight loss

Many people who struggle to lose weight even though they exercise and have tried diets don’t realise that the real issue that is sabotaging their attempts is often the sugar they consume daily some of which is hidden in the foods and drinks they eat and drink. The Sugar Challenge is a proven hypnosis for sugar addiction program from Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic – New Farm Hypnotherapy.


The Sugar Challenge at  Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic – New Farm Hypnotherapy 

At Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic we’ve developed the Sugar Challenge in conjunction with Dr Beth Steels a specialist nutritional biochemist whose advice combined with hypnotherapy will help you overcome sugar addiction and help you lose weight in a healthy and natural way. If you struggle with sugar, have trouble losing weight and are prepared to take the Sugar Challenge we can help you get on track to reaching your goals.

We’ve been helping people achieve the changes they want for more than 25 years so if you’re ready to live a healthy life and overcome sugar addiction give us a call on 07 3254 1373 or email us for details and be the person you know you can be.

If you need help to quit sugar, hypnotherapy is a great way of achieving your goal and improving your health and wellbeing. We’re friendly and approachable and can help you quit sugar and achieve your weight loss goals.

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