Our imagination is more powerful that believe

In 2003 Dr Guang Yue of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation proved that the body can be physically changed simply by using the imagination showing that ‘it’s all in the mind’.

In a controlled experiment 30 adults spent 15 minutes a day visualizing exercising the little finger. All increased the strength of their little finger by up to 35% and strengthened the muscle around the elbow by around13%.

In a second study, 10 adults aged 20-35 imagined flexing one of their biceps has hard as possible in imagined training sessions five times a week. Electrical impulses at the motor neurons of their arm muscles were monitored to make certain they were not unintentionally tensing. After a few weeks biceps showed 13.5% increase in strength and maintained that gain for three weeks after training stopped.

Dr Yue presented his studies and results to the Sociaty of Neuroscience and showed that the creative imagination can be used to make real physical change in our bodies. It is this sort of training and imagination that is brought into play when we use hypnotherapy to help clients that want to make change at Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic.

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